Saturday, November 26, 2005

Don't Drag Them Into This

This feature purports to be about the worst American car ever, and sure enough, people have plenty of horror stories about clumsy, out-of-touch, disastrously engineered American cars from the 1970s on.

So why does the accompanying slide show include not only foreign lemons like the Yugo and the Chinese JiangLing Landwind, but also the Citroen 2CV, the Honda Element, and the Scion xB, which, while strange-looking, are neither commercial failures nor unreliable cars? They don't belong in this slideshow alongside legendary disasters like the Ford Pinto. They don't deserve the harsh "Un-Great Cars" label. Are they just there to reassure us Americans that we're not the only ones building poorly designed cars that no one wants (even though we mostly are)?

Incidentally, that Chinese car is hilarious because it hits the trifecta of Chinese manufacturing. It has a laughable name (LandWind), it's shoddily manufactured and horribly unsafe, and finally, it's plagiarized from another company. Of course, if you're going to steal designs from GM, it's no wonder you end up with a piece of junk.

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