Thursday, November 10, 2005

Do Not Open Until 1985

What is it about writing a letter to your future self that makes it so creepy?

It seems like a cool idea, but I'm afraid to do it. It's a little awkward. What do you say? Probably it will be all about your hopes and dreams, and wondering if you've achieved them. But receiving your letter will only remind you what you haven't achieved and how fast your life has slipped by. It's a setup for a moment in your future that will be heartbreaking at worst and bittersweet at best.

Even if you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams, you will still be sad to be reminded how old you are.

And that's if you're lucky. What if you die? It would be that much more tragically ironic if there were some email out there in the ether, waiting to be delivered in twenty years.

This is all assuming you even still have the same email address. I guess that is a pretty safe bet, because I have Hotmail and Gmail, and either Microsoft or Google will control the entire Internet by then.


lyan! said...

I didn't actually do this, but what I did do, and think is a better idea, is having a shitty wooden bookshelf in my closet, that every few years (ok 3 times in my life) when doing a major closet enema, I scrawled some sentence or something about what was going through my noggin at that very second. It was kind of a neat idea, and much better than a geeky letter to ones self.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

Now, if you could right a letter to your *past* self. That would be something.

To 1988 Tommaso:

Do not be beguiled by Daniel's attempts to "tradesies" with your string cheese. His fruit roll-up is stale and disgusting despite it's bright wrapper. Also, brush your teeth.

C said...

Somedays i think the internet is just too big. And some days I'm paranoid for no reason. Do you think there's money to be made farming out the data collected from future letters to oneself. Seriously, suckers pay for everything these days.

What's even creepier, are letters from your dead parent on your 16th, 18th, 21st etc. birthday. Surely it's hard to live up to ones own standards, but disappointing someone who's already dead. you can't fix that.

maybe we should send letters to each other for the future. Although I have no idea what i'd say. What would I want to say to someone that i wouldn't just say now?

matt said...

You know nothing of creepy.

C said...

ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness. i am embarassed to live in the same world as afterlife telegrams. yet, i am also jealous i didn't think of it first

Zack said...

from the afterlife telegram page:

"NOTICE: we are NOT exploitibng grieving people"

well, that sets my mind at ease