Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Call It A Costume

Here's my take. Yesterday's Hallowe'en post was not necessarily un-Kenny-like because it wrung postmodern humor from form rather than content (while such humor has admittedly been absent in this forum, I did do some Squelch work back in the day that played off the form--hence Mr. Savage's glowing quote to your right). However, the post was out of character for this blog because it broke many of my personal unwritten rules for good blogging. In other words:

1) It is unfocused and meandering
2) It is (partially) about my life
3) It is tinged with unseemly self-pity masquerading as self-deprecating "humor"
4) It attempts comedy through nonsensical stream-of-consciousness digressions
5) The prostitute/popsicle gags are needlessly vulgar

Also, the treatment of the potential post topics is dismissive and betrays a certain apathy that carries over to the reader. In retrospect, the postmodern footnote gag is the only part I think is kind of a little bit funny, though still out of character.

This post, the one I'm writing now, is also wrong for this blog, since, like the offending Hallowe'en post

6) It is about the blog itself

I have no real defense for letting something of such substandard quality appear here. It was something of an attempt to experiment with the format of my posts, but really it just turned into everything I hate about blogging. So, sure, let's just say that was my Hallowe'en costume. I dressed up as a bad blogger, and indulged my baser instincts the way girls indulge in low-cut tops and fishnet stockings*.

*And having sex for money.


C said...

I sat home yesterday too. No one likes me either. But mostly I don't like myself for being old and not having the energy to celebrate 4 days in a row.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

Well I personally don't mind if you continue to be one of forms keenest inovators. I rather like it.

Carry on!