Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bundle Of Joy

Apple's Quicktime trailer website doesn't work anymore unless you have Quicktime 7, and it appears that Quicktime 7 comes with iTunes, or it doesn't come at all.

I haven't bothered to download iTunes up until now. I've been vaguely considering doing so. I haven't downloaded music since the scare-tactic lawsuits started, which is to say I've never bought music online. (I went back to infrequent CD purchases.)

Even though I probably would never get around to downloading iTunes otherwise, I'm a bit resentful that I'm being forced to now, under penalty of not being able to watch movie trailers anymore. The thing is, it will probably work. Once I have iTunes on my computer, I may even buy some songs. Not that this is new to Apple--it makes sense for a company that is trying to stake out a monopoly on every step of music distribution and listening.

To be fair, Apple's strategy makes sense since the domination of music is the foundation for the resurgence of the company. And despite their restrictions on its use, they are the only ones who seem to realize that consumers have a strong psychological preference for owning music rather than paying month to month for "access" to music.

What the heck was I talking about again? Oh, so I guess I'm going to have iTunes soon.


lyan! said...

I guess itunes is cool, I mean, as a Mac user, there's really no other choice (hmm... wonder if there are any other mac/non-apple music prog choices...)
But yeah, I'm fine with it, its a good solid program. Quicktime, on the otherhand used to be wonderful, but now is becoming, well, a bitch. You used to be able to use the program, save and do useful things with it. But now, they're stripping it down with every new version release, so you have to buy the full version. And that's cool, if it had premium gear in it, but when the free version won't even let you save things.... thats pushing the bullshit line.
Worst was that if you bought the full version for 6, when they upgraded to 7, you then had to buy that too — and 6 was only out for about 6 months. I'll consider buying quicktime 12, when, hopefully it's good for a year.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

I too fell prey to the bundled iTunes. But I found that I could uninstall the iTunes and keep the quicktime.

At least I hope that's what happened.

Jemima Gaines said...

Wow! How can anyone live without iTunes? I have friends who still don't have iPods, but even they have caught on to the cool things they can do with the iTunes ap alone. Quite a few have been drawn in by the ability to listen to podcasts on their computers. Anyway, you at least you came clean. A lot of people would be embarrassed to admit being so uncool.

Kenny said...

Mmm. Yes. So uncool, I haven't listened to podcasts. Ouch.

Tommaso Sciortino said...

Do you really need iTunes to listen to a podcast? I was under the impression that "podcast" was just a big media catch phrase for "2 hour long mp3".

lyan! said...

oh wow, thats all! shit I got tons!

Tommaso Sciortino said...

Yea, see. I think those all count as podcasts. Or at least they will as soon as some hip young hipster plays one on their iPod.

Sarah said...

I don't want iTunes. I have no need for iTunes. I just don't listen to mp3s anymore. I've only run into a few cases where I needed Quicktime 7, and after getting annoyed, I figured I didn't really need to view whatever movie trailer it was anyway.

Kenny said...

These days it's hard to find a media application that *doesn't* play mp3s. But I still use WinAmp, 'cause I'm old school like that.

Zack said...

Jemima Gaines is a pretty good fake name.

Not to go accusing people. But it is a pretty good fake name.

I just installed QT7, plus iTunes. If I can't get rid of just iTunes, I'm getting rid of both. I have never tried iTunes. I will certainly not be made to try it by fucking software bundling bullshit.

Anyhow, iTunes is for hosers. Cool kids use Foobar2000. I use Winamp.

Jemima, don't you get the ickies listening to your music through a giant shopping interface?

PLS said...

don't you get the ickies listening to your music through a giant shopping interface?

That's like saying that your web browser is a giant shopping interface just because it's how to access Amazon and eBay.

iTunes was around way before it had a music store. It was the best way to rip, organize, and burn music - at least for Mac users - and still is. Sure, it may be a marketing gimmick to bundle iTunes with QT, but refusing to use it just because it's popular seems a little extreme. Perhaps it's worth considering whether iTunes is actually popular for a reason.