Saturday, October 15, 2005

Suicide, Disney-Style

For the most lovable suicide attempts ever, you want Mickey Mouse.

The Onion AV Club blog, where I found that link, also has a summing-up of the Penny Arcade vs. Harlan Ellison altercation-turned-fan-feud with all the relevant links. I hadn't read Harlan Ellison's account before.


Zack said...

I hadn't read either account.

Did you read Ellison's rant, linked from the comments?

He precisely the man I pray I won't turn into when I grow old. Closed minded, incapable of two-way communication, astoundingly elitist, unjustly dismissive of art forms his FAT-16 brain is too fossilized to understand. He is a brilliant man and an absolute douche.

Zack said...

He can write a good diss, though.

C said...

speaking of Disney, there's a new "Mikes Super short show" on the Disney Channel for Herbie. It's a little painful, Herbie beeps at Sally, and she translates for Mike.