Monday, October 10, 2005

Something For Nothing

Anyone know where I can download a DVD ripping program for free? I want to put American Shopper on Google Video, so that it can be ignored publicly rather than privately. But I don't expect ever needing to rip a DVD again, so I'm reluctant to actually pay a bunch of money for the software.

Everything I can find on will only rip 5 minutes, or 20%, or 50% before you have to pay.


Anonymous said...

Try , there's a bunch of free stuff there, although it's a bit complicated to use.

Zack said...

I had a similar problem. Hard to find information. Also turned to Doom9. I ended up using AutoGK, I think (Auto Gordian Knot). Here:


Zack said...

So ... did that work?

Kenny said...

I haven't had a lot of time to mess with it yet. I downloaded it and tried to do it overnight but I didn't wait long enough and woke up to find a dialog box I needed to click through or something, and another part of the program that needed setting up.

Also, are avi's the same as mp4? The preferred format is mp2 or mp4 but I can't seem to find mp4 on the AutoGK options.