Monday, October 17, 2005

Mike's Super Painful Show

Yes, I have seen the "Mike's Super Short Show" segment that Cynthia brought up, featuring Herbie. Someone put it online here. Nothing gets past the Herbie message boards.

It is indeed very painful, mostly from the kids' very forced acting. The girl is especially bad at projecting the "sarcasm" and "attitude," while the boy is bad at just about everything. What a ham.

Also, as someone on the message board pointed out, Herbie had no problem letting a little kid drive in Herbie Goes Bananas.


Sarah said...

Ugh, Mike's Super-Short Show. I occasionally watch Disney for the odd episode of Kim Possible or Dave the Barbarian, and that thing (plus the stupid music videos and any other crap Disney throws in commercial breaks that isn't advertising for anyone other than themselves) makes me so glad I have a Tivo. So annoying.

C said...

as someone who's seen more than her share of super short shows (really, not short enough though): they started off just featuring mike doing most of the talking and sally thrown in as someone for the girls to watch. and slowly sally started creeping into all sorts of disney endeavors, and mike not doing anything useful. so i guess they've been featuring her more, because she's more famous