Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Love You More Than Jews Love Money

Comedy geek darling Sarah Silverman has made a movie. I have realized I'm not actually at all familiar with Sarah Silverman's actual comedy, outside of her work on the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson, her minor Mr. Show appearances, and her various supporting roles as bitchy girlfriends.

Based on the movie trailer*, apparently her schtick is just delivering shocking lines in a dry manner ("Strippers should be role models for little girls... if only for the fact that they wax their assholes"). Somehow she brings it off, though. I'm not sure how. Is her delivery just that good? Is the material more sophisticated than I'm giving it credit for? Or is it the disarming cute-Jewish-tomboy charm? In other words, is she just a skinny Janeane Garofalo minus the pretense?

I do think she's overdue for a role with more than one dimension. Or at least a bigger one-dimensional role. Her song certainly seems to stick in my head.

*There was a better version of the trailer here, but apparently it's getting so much traffic you need to register with IGN now. Oops, or not. Now it's working. I don't get it. Anyway, use this link if you can; otherwise go through the movie website above.

Update 10/23/05: The Janeane Garofalo comparison was probably planted in my head by Sean's post on the overrated-underrated phenomenon, which I didn't realize I was ripping off when I wrote this.


lydia said...

ohh, SHE was that kind of annoying girl in the Aristocrats. I didn't know who she was. But her performance (her timing, specifically) was a bit lackluster.

matt said...

She's been doing standup for a loooong time. I think she's only getting serious recognition now because she's Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend. I'm not saying she isn't deserving, I'm just saying that it's no coincidence.