Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google Video

Okay, so making fun of the Doom trailer was kind of pointless and self-evident and just plain too easy, like picking on the mentally challenged.

Google Video is mind-boggling. I wish it had existed when I was a kid, because I would have loved the idea of putting all the stupid, embarrassing videos I made on the Internet for everyone to see. It's not fair that kids today have the power to share their lame videos and I didn't. On the other hand, seeing just how un-unique I was might have put a damper on the fun.

There's a certain voyeuristic thrill in just going through the random videos and seeing what people have chosen to put online. You get these little snippets of people's lives. It's addicting to check them out, one after another. It's like a public access channel where you can flip to the next show after thirty seconds, which is all you ever really need to see (unless you're watching the public access show I work on). It's all hilariously pointless and self-indulgent. I want to ask, who did they think would watch this? except that I'm watching it, so I can't.

A lot of Google Videos tend to be tapes people made of themselves doing something. The problem is that even if what you're doing is difficult or vaguely spectacular, it's instantly cheapened by the fact that you set up a camera and taped yourself doing it. These guys and their Romie-esque antics are actually kind of impressive, although the clip goes on too long and is perhaps too self-fetishizing.

There are other DDR videos, but this one is unique in the way it thoroughly misses the point. Or maybe I'm missing the point. Maybe a true DDR freak wants to see the screen, the score, the evidence of a flawless dance. I'm just saying, maybe show the guy actually dancing at some point. Maybe.

Some of them are very random indeed. I see no reason why someone felt the need to upload something like this (Mandarin Chinese comprehension a plus but not required). Maybe it was a test of some sort.

This is thoroughly baffling. It's kind of funny, but more than a little unsettling. The less said about it, the better.

A station wagon does a wheelie. This is part of the drag race genre on Google Video.

And finally, a Japanese gum commercial. I'm not saying it's the greatest Japanese commercial I've ever seen, but come on. You can't say no to a Japanese commercial.

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