Friday, October 07, 2005


Have you seen the Doom trailer yet? Why, you must, you simply must.

I remember back in middle school or high school or whenever it was back when I played Doom, the original Doom, and I got to the ending, and you get back to Earth, and everything is sweet and peaceful and bunny rabbits... and pan right... pan right... oh, shit!! There is a rabbit's head on a stake!! And some big thing! And, and--Hell has escaped your space station and come to Earth! What hath science wrought?! Noo!

And I was all, Oh shit, they should call the sequel "Hell on Earth." And they did, but Earth disappointingly looked a lot like Mars. And I was all, this would make an awesome movie.

Well, 14-year-old me is about to be proven dead wrong.

This movie is retarded. Did The Rock get a contract clause not to reveal that he is in the movie? The posters don't even mention him. He is smarter than we all thought.

This movie looks like a completely generic B-flick from the Sci-Fi channel, except for the snippets of FPS angles. Word is that there is a 15-minute sequence all in first-person. So, like playing Doom 3 on a huge-ass screen, except you're not playing. For me, that's probably a good thing, but for players with, you know, reflexes, that's probably a step backwards.

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lyan! said...

Videogame movies... sigh. Stupid.