Monday, October 03, 2005

Best Subhead Ever Pretty Good Subhead

Study: Clowns ease anxiety in young patients
Doctors and nurses annoyed, however


lyan! said...

Funny, but not tbe best ever.

C said...

Did you see it scroll by on Monday's Daily Show?

Jon Stewart said something like "it shows how people who watch tv in the gym live in much different worlds than the rest of us"

lyan! said...

reminds me of that quote from napolean dynamite:
"Napolean, there's no way anyone could know what is the worst movie ever made..." but, you know, the oppsite.

matt said...

Ah, I see I have a mysterious ally in my crusade against Comic Book Guy references.

Kenny said...

I no longer consider the "superlative-blank-ever" construction a Comic Book Guy reference, though that certainly could be considered its source into the mainstream. But after VH1 made Best Week Ever it became a generic part of the culture that came to signify sarcastic, noncommital hipster insincerity more than geek judgmentalism, and that is the spirit in which I use(d) it here.