Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Worst Thing Ever

You may remember my review of Herbie: Fully Loaded harping on one particular effects shot that I found over the top. All the interviews with effects people talk about how they had rules where they would only animate the car at pre-existing pivot points as opposed to "bending metal" effects. Of course, they couldn't resist breaking the rule for "one golden moment." That's the one that comes close to ruining the whole movie for me if I don't willfully ignore it.

I finally found a screenshot of it online, so everyone but Cynthia can now see for yourself. What a stupid effect. Plus, the graphics on the door are the graphics for NASCAR Herbie, which Herbie doesn't have yet in this scene. So there's a continuity error, too. Posted by Picasa


lyan! said...

I stopped myself from mentioning how you're totally anal about Herbie...oh wait.
I meant to talk about how Matt Dillon looks like an art deco version of Romie -- harder features (chin, brow, etc.) And I'm happier to see Romie than Dillon.

Brian said...

This summer I went to visit my mom's cousin who actually created and built the original Herbie. I got to see both of his workshops where he creates things that I could never imagine.

This cousin worked personally for Walt Disney, who would come to him with projects like this and ask him to take Disney's idea and make it reality. Now this cousin is retired, but that hasn't stopped his continuation in this awesome hobby. I didn't take pictures inside his workshops, but some pictures from his place are at