Thursday, September 15, 2005

Swamp Things

Seriously, there's a problem. And that problem is that our bathroom sink is a fucking tar pit. Here's the story: The drain has somewhat sucked since we moved in. It's always been slow. From time to time it would grow so slow as to be "clogged." Not wanting to bother the landlord, we would buy a bottle of Drano or Liquid Plumr or whatever variation Costco happened to be offering.

I remember the first one I got was the kind with the bottle divided into two sections, McDLT-style, and they would mix and form a magic foam when you poured it. We also tried out Drano Gel, which had a big advertising push a few months ago. Slogan: Gel makes sense. Because for heavy clogs, you need a thicker liquid, obviously. It's not like Drano works based on, I don't know, its chemical properties as a solvent. Apparently all previous incarnations of Drano did not make sense. By the way, Drano Gel is actually pretty watery, with a few clumps here and there.

Anyway, for a while we were dumping Drano down our sink every couple weeks or so. Put it this way: We bought two-packs of Drano from Costco regularly. Eventually I mentioned it to our landlord, and she was like "No, don't use Drano, it's bad for the pipes." Everybody pretty much knows that, but it was hard enough bugging her about the janky garbage disposal in the kitchen (before finally getting it replaced). So Drano is the lazy option. But even after I told her, she didn't call a plumber.

Recently, we've stopped using Drano (we ran out) and, trying to be good, have settled for plunging the sink. This sort of worked once. But it dredged up all kinds of gunk, and the sink still ran slowly enough that as quickly as we'd cleaned the gunk, the sink would get dirty from whatever was in the slow-draining water. Anyway, earlier this week, the sink pretty much ceased to drain again. We plunged it some more, dredged up more gunk, and failed to affect the clog at all. Instead, we had a sink full of black water. This is what it looks like now that we've let it alone for two days of excruciatingly slow draining:

A plumber is supposed to be here on Saturday to work on the building's pipes, and he's supposed to come in here to finally check on our sink. He'd better. We've been washing our hands in the bathtub all week, not wanting to call about the sink again since the plumbing arrangements are supposedly already made.

I wonder if having a natural wetlands in our bathroom has something to do with the 15 or so flies we've killed here today? Unlike the gnats from before, they don't seem to be originating from the bathroom, but it's hard to believe it's a coincidence. Posted by Picasa


Meli said...

Um, can anyone say "Slumlord"? That is SO gross, Kenny, and I would definitely be on the phone being the squeaky wheel.

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