Friday, September 09, 2005

Smack Talk

The thing about the Internet is that you can't use it to insult people behind their back. Although I guess using a public forum to insult people behind their backs is kind of stupid anyway. Instant messaging is better, although still too easy for someone to cut, paste, save, and use against you.

Now, sometimes I'm eager for someone to read the insulting things I've written, but those writers from the Daily Trojan never seemed to find their posts. Then there was Amir Blumenfeld, whom I wanted to see my criticisms, but I felt bad that he wouldn't return my email after that.

Naturally, a reality TV contestant is more likely to be sitting around googling himself than even the average person (and more likely to be searching for himself on the Internet, too. Zing!). It's an oddly generic comment, almost like blog spam, but not quite. I can't really tell if he read the post, which, while not explicitly insulting, was at least implicitly insulting. For instance, the part about "unfunny hacks." I could see someone maybe taking offense to that, although in this case Mark seems to have taken it in stride, or maybe convinced himself I was talking about the Stephen's Life team.

Anyway, it's weird when that happens. Mark, I'm just jealous. Even though the reality show made you and everyone else look worthless. And your show, while well-cast, is kind of mediocre. But neither one of these things is entirely your fault, and besides, that's mostly my jealousy talking. Pat yourself on the back, guy. You deserve it.

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Anonymous said...

Amir mentioned your critiques to me personally, but I think he was just surprised and slightly hurt.

My favorite example of real-life people finding mean blog posts was when jacked-up NFL ref Ed Hochuli commented on a site that (jokingly) alleged that he was on steroids. Someone warned me to stay out of Long Beach after I virtually dissed Warren G, but I doubt that guy was really from 213.