Friday, September 09, 2005

I Am A Jerk

Turns out that one Daily Trojan writer did find my cruel lambasting of her column.

Her response:

fuck you, man.
you shouldnt bash someone for being pretentious in print and then write an equally pretentious article against them. that's hypocracy.
your article made me cry. it's entirely rude to hate someone you don't even know. i wasnt trying to dictate my musical taste, which is why i never mentioned specific artists. i was merely trying to address an issue that i see in society today. calm down and get over yourself, please.

The trouble with mean-spiritedness is that even when you set out to write something that will make someone cry, it still makes you feel bad when it actually works.

I'll refrain from piling it on by nitpicking the comment. Except to say that it's spelled "hypocrisy." And to say that if you're writing an opinion column about music, you might as well mention your own musical taste, or at least some real-world example of music, or you're writing in a meaningless theoretical vacuum.

I do, however, want to say that I don't think the blog post was pretentious. Cruel, insensitive, heartless, mean, gratuitous, yes. But it had no pretense of being anything greater than that. I would argue that it was merely arrogant, and that there's a difference. But I will allow that others may disagree.

There is a lesson here. If you insult people by name on a blog, even one that no one ever reads, every one of them will eventually find out and have their feelings hurt, and probably hate you forever. Use this knowledge wisely.


Kevin said...

Kenny, you tell it like it is, and we applaud you for it.

Although your crushing criticisms of my Fiancees' nascent humor writing, some five years ago, convinced her to never write for the Squelch.

C said...

it's entirely rude to hate someone you don't even know.

I have to disagree. seems perfectly acceptable to me. in fact, they're the best people to hate, because you never have to pass them in the hall, or see them at parties.

Kevin you're engaged? congrats! no one tells me anything.

Sarah said...

Simple criticism made her cry? Perhaps she's the one who needs to calm down and get over herself.

lydia said...

Kenny's made me cry too, if it makes her feel any better. Only once, and I doubt he even remembers it now, but I think he felt bad then, and that's enough for me.

Steve F said...

Don't feel too bad. She's the kind of person who posts poetry on her blog. Besides, someone shouldn't be a self-described critic if criticism makes her cry.

Incidentally, this is why I always insult people in friends only posts, and thus you, er, they, never know about it.

Zack said...

Kenny, your cruelty is my favorite thing about you. Apart from your giant, angel-soft lips, maybe.

Did you visit her Xanga site? I didn't realize she was so young when she wrote those articles. I wonder if knowing that would have made me less mean in my comment.

Anyhow, seems lke your ears are going to be burning with the fires of slam poetry pretty soon. Congratulations, dickhead!

Meli said...

I think what you were essentially reacting to was her very immature outlook on life. Being in college, it seems that she is still young enough to be going through the "what does it mean when I'm different" phase, trying in her own way to make it a positive thing by linking it to something she's proud of, which is her intellect.

Being a little older, you've lost your patience with that kind of navel gazing. I think the take-home message should be: don't take college columnists as seriously as they take themselves. It's a necessary phase, just be glad you've grown out of it.

Anonymous said...

The Squelch issue critiques function(ed) in almost exactly the same tear-inducing way. Especially when you're writing about people who can be 6-7 years younger than you. I'd hate for any more of the stuff I wrote from ages 17-20 to be web-accessible than there already is.

However, the Internet is all about criticizng and bitching about other people's work, so you're certainly keeping with the spirit of the medium.


Anonymous said...

I bet H.G. Wells wouldn't have cried.