Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How to Have an Awesome Time

What you do is, you do some Coriciden, AKA DXM, AKA Triple C. You do as many as possible. And if you really want to have fun you mix in some weed. And once you're high and have finished off a whole box of pills...

You play some motherfucking Monopoly.

All we know is that it's time for sum more C's. Finnaly we're at the end of our boxes, 2 each for tonite, number 31 and 32 go down nicely. Jason decides to break out Monopoly and this is where the real fun begins.


Hmmm..... I would say that it took us about 30 minutes to get the games started. I know I was the Cannon peice, that's about it on the peices. The game has started and we all have made it around the board once and we have started buying land. At this point the game is going great until Chris landed on my property. I do believe he owed me $14. He looked at me with a sad look and said here you go. I felt so horrible for takin' my friends money, eventhough it was only a game it was like this was real life, though I took it. He wasn't havin very much luck with this game so far. The it happened to me. I landed on Goto Jail. Now the freaky part about this is that after I got out I landed on it again. This happened to me three time in a row. We were all freaked out. We now knew the game was EVIL and we all snaped out of this harsh reality and scramble to put up the game and threw it into the closet.

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