Friday, September 16, 2005

Go, Link

This is pretty great. The original Zelda commercial. And by great I mean equal parts embarrassing and insulting. The acting is especially painful. The way the "cool kid" raves about the game, it doesn't sound like he wants to play it so much as it sounds like he wants to rape it. And if the nerd already has the game, why bring it up by showing the newsletter? What I'm trying to say is, plot holes abound. Via Game Girl Advance.

Also, Gillette's five-bladed razor becomes a reality. That BoingBoing post has all the relevant links, but basically it's realizing parodies of gimmicky razors dating back to 1975. Most recently and specifically, it pays off the predictions of "Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades," which was one of the last Onion pieces I found really especially funny. I love that they use the real Gillette CEO's name. That's attention to detail. Where are all the parodies of toothbrush gimmicks? I guess those would have to be more complicated than just adding increasing numbers of redundant blades.


matt said...

Oh, I'll be giggling all day. That Zelda commercial is one of the terriblest things I've ever seen. Was the Nintendo Newsletter the precursor to Nintendo Power?

I thought the original Zelda commercial was that surreal spot with the crazy guy in glasses wandering around a post-apocalyptic maze freaking out about all the Zelda monsters. "Tektites! ... Eee! Octaroks! ... Peeeee-hats!" Anyone else remember this one?

matt said...

And yes, the newsletter thing is ridiculous. It's like the old commercial where the secretary says "Have you called 1-800 DENTIST?" and then flips to a Rolodex(TM) card with "1-800 DENTIST" written on it.

Also, does the nerd kid actually say "nintense" at the end of the commercial?

Simon said...

Actually, I use three spinning electric cylinders and then a mach3 turbo for neck hairs and sideburns, so really I'm using like 6.1 blades.

I welcome the entrance of five blades to the market in the hopes of somehow scoring a free kit. I'm still using the Mach3 turbo Gilette sent me on my 18th birthday. Maybe they'll do some trial offer thing to hook me on 5 blades.

ryan said...

I agree with Matt, I saw the other commercial, In fact I loved it without knowing what the hell it was pushing.

And by that, I got excited to think that you had a link for that commercial. I've been had.