Thursday, September 29, 2005

Get Your Flume On

LISA: If you two don't mind, I'd like to watch that cool Fox show about teenagers in Orange County.

[Lisa turns on TV. Teenagers are at a pool party. A Girl walks up to a Guy.]

GIRL: Austin, I was looking for my belly ring in your recording studio, and I found this! [holds up bra] Does this or does this not belong to Feather?!

AUSTIN: Sorry, Jade. That's how we light it up in the O.C.

JADE: You cheated on me! Our mixed-race fling is so over!

[throws bra down and storms off]

AUSTIN: Whatever. Let's score some jam at Knott's Berry Farm.

SUNGLASSES GUY: Fer sure, dawg! We'll be kickin' it old school at Bigfoot Rapids.

TANK TOP GUY: Gonna get my flume on! ...Log style!

[Previously described montage follows.]

LISA: I bet that bra was planted by Sterling to break them up.

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Anonymous said...

LOL I loved this episode