Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dire Situation

I've been sort of watching Bravo's Situation: Comedy.

This is the TV answer to Project Greenlight. A big script contest and the winners get to make their sitcom pilots and maybe get picked up by NBC (yeah, right). Except they actually make 15-minute sitcom pilots, which is plenty considering these shows, and these days, not all that much shorter than a real show minus commercials.

It's actually a pretty awful, boring show. Basically, the writers are either unfunny hacks or else don't know the difference between fighting for your vision and being an overly stubborn prick. Meanwhile, the producers guiding them are capricious and unfair and the show is full of arbitrary limitations. No one on the show comes off as likable.

Also, the episodes are pretty boring. The show got shifted to a dead-meat Friday timeslot, pre-prime time, which meant that TiVo started bumping it for syndicated Seinfeld and Malcolm reruns. I corrected that for this week's final episodes (actually last week's, but I missed it then), but it might not be worth bothering. I missed one episode and barely noticed--it looked like nothing had happened at all in the missing week, except for me saving an hour of time.

The other reason it might not be worth watching is that the money shots are already online. You can watch the 15-minute pilot presentations of the shows here.

Stephen's Life: These guys appeared to be the stronger writers throughout the show, but they also made sure they were hard to work with. They had the guts to fight for things (and it is a shame the show couldn't have gone single-camera as they intended) but they made it obnoxious and seemed more naive than principled. Also, they made the mistake of hiring the sister of one of the writers based on her "hilarious" Napoleon Dynamite impression, which no one seemed to notice until the network people at the table read pointed out she was terrible. This led to much awkwardness and finally, a passable performance on the actual show. The show: I don't like the parents, but the kids are funny. However, kids are oddly sexualized (see Cheri O'Teri's lustful principal) in a not-very-funny way, and this Stephen kid, while funny, is going to look freakish very soon, if not already. Look at that huge head and tiny hands.

The Sperm Donor: These guys thought it was funny to title their script The Sperm Donor. What else do you need to know? The cast has good chemistry, though.


Zack said...

Why would you spend so much time insulting the show and then provide links?

Kenny said...

I don't know. I still wanted to watch it. Maybe you want to see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

So you're the one watching.

Mark Treitel

Mark Treitel said...

So you're the one watching. Thanks.

Mark Treitel