Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Declaring Things Dead

The Onion is still declaring things dead. So there, Handley. Or not.

ATHENS, GA—After a prolonged period of declining health and failing morale, the indie-rock scene was officially pronounced dead today in the sleepy college town where it was born. Indie rock was 25.

ADDENDUM: By the way, this is in the new sidebar where you have to hover your cursor over the US map for "local" stories.


Zack said...

Apparently (according to Allmusic), Of Montreal, Elf Power, and Olivia Tremor Control were all from Athens. I don't know if that should qualify it as the birthplace of indie rock.

Anyhow, good find.

C said...

as long as indie rock glasses aren't dead, i'll survive.

Anonymous said...

Olivia Tremor Control was spectacular in their show last week, but I think it was their final tour, so maybe indie rock really is dead.

Olivia Tremor Control has in the past also included the guys from Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel, but I'm pretty sure those relationships began way back in Louisiana.

R.E.M. is also from Athens.