Saturday, August 27, 2005

Strategic Freeway Locations

I bought the Mitch Hedberg CD "Strategic Grill Locations" after reading an Entertainment Weekly article right after he died. I'd remembered possibly seeing him once on Comedy Central and thinking he was pretty good.

I left my backpack at a friend's house in Los Feliz last night and I had to go get it, which sucks because Los Feliz is far from every place. To get there from Westwood, I have to either take the 10 to the Vermont exit and drive up Vermont forever, stuck in surface street traffic, or take the 10 to the 110 to the 101, which is like going in a semicircle, overshooting Vermont, going north and doubling back, then getting off the freeway and still sitting on Vermont for a while. It takes 45 minutes or so.

On the way back I decided to take the 101 North into the valley and drop back down on the 405 South. This is technically a greater distance, I think, but it went very smoothly until I came downhill into LA on the 405, just before Sunset, at which point the traffic slowed to its usual crawl and ate up all the time I'd saved.

I was listening to the Mitch Hedberg CD almost the whole time, and the funny thing is I remember where I was during every track:

1. The CD Jokes - Pulling out of my driveway
2. Koalas - Driving down Overland
3. Highlights - Pulling up near the 10 freeway entrance
4. You Were Good - Getting on the 10 freeway entrance ramp
5. Shaving Too - On the 10
6. Minibar - On the 10
7. Beret and Pancakes - Approaching the 10 to 110 N interchange
9 [sic]. Dry Clean Only - Merging onto the 110 N
10. Gambling - On the 110 N
11. My Necklace - On the 110 N
12. Acting - On the interchange to the 101 N
13. Lynn - On the 101 N
14. Tomatoes - On the 101 N exit ramp to Vermont
15. Six People Isn't Convincing - Going north on Vermont
16. Cookies - Going north on Vermont / Arriving at destination
17. Oatmeal - Leaving destination, beginning return trip
18. Smackie The Frog - Getting on the 101 N
19. Frogs and Bears - On the 101 N through the hills
20. Fire Exit - On the 101 N
21. The Dufrenes - On the 101 N
1. The CD Jokes - On the 101 to 405 interchange
2. Koalas - On the 405
3. Highlights - On the 405
4. You Were Good - On the 405
5. Shaving Too - On the 405
6. Minibar - On the 405
7. Beret and Pancakes - On the 405
Switched to radio - Rest of the way home

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