Monday, August 22, 2005

Strappling Hook

Speaking of made-up combined fruits, we gave this Juicy Fruit spinoff a try. I have doubts as to whether these pieces are really "bigger" than a stick of gum, but fine. I used to like Juicy Fruit when I was younger, but the biggest weakness was that the flavor died faster than that of any other Wrigley gum, and the flavorless mass that remained was even less flavorful than other flavorless gum masses.

Juicy Fruit Strappleberry continues the tradition. The initial flavor is pretty decent. But when it goes, watch out--I've never had gum that went bad like this stuff--it flat-out turns on you. Not only is the strappleberry flavor gone, the gum turns actively bad--it becomes sticky. Yes, I know, gum is sticky, but the one thing it's not supposed to stick to is the inside of your mouth. You know, like your teeth? Absolutely disgusting. It happens suddenly, and then you can't find a trash can fast enough. Posted by Picasa

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C said...

I tried the purple one. It was very strange.