Saturday, August 13, 2005

Out-Of-State Plates

Picked up the Fountains of Wayne odds 'n sods CD, Out-of-State Plates. It's quite good. Much better than my previous foray into B-side compilations, Green Day's mediocre Shenanigans. Two CDs, and both very solid and listenable. You can play right through it without skipping tracks, just like a real album. Two real albums, even.

Disc Two seems to have most of the cover songs on it. There's a quirky cover of "...Baby One More Time," which is fun but sadly not as fun as the Britney Spears version, mainly because they ditch the backup vocal bits ("I must confess/I still believe (I still believe)").

The highlight of the set is "California Sex Lawyer," whose lyrics thankfully do nothing to explain what that means. According to the liner notes: "Our attorney Josh Grier works at a big fancy law firm with a big fancy waiting room. One day we were sitting there waiting, and there was a magazine called California Lawyer on the coffee table facing us. Chris said, apropos of nothing, "California sex lawyer." Perhaps it was only because we were sitting in a quiet office, but at the time it seemed like the funniest thing in the world. Why it needed to be turned into a song, I'm still not sure."

This song should be Matt's new anthem.


matt said...

I must hear that song! I'm planning on changing the name of the comic strip to "Big Fancy Lawyers" anyway, but maybe I should keep with the song title motif and go with "California Sex Lawyers."

Meli said...

I'm a fan!

Anonymous said...

Every member of the state Bar gets a free copy of California Lawyer magazine, but I wish they got a copy of California Sex Lawyer instead.

I think actual California sex lawyer-related scandals tend to show up in the Daily Journal.