Monday, August 29, 2005

No One Cares, Kenny

I've recently become aware that Initial D has been made into a live-action movie. The movie is a Chinese movie, actually, with Hong Kong actors playing Japanese, because it's still set in Japan and filmed on location at Mt. Akina in Japan. But they speak Cantonese. It's one thing to hear the wrong language when it's English, or to have a pan-Asian cast for Memoirs of a Geisha or whatever, when you know it's just Americans bastardizing everything again, but here the Asians are just mixing it all up on their own.

I've ordered it already. It condenses an enormous chunk of the storyline into a single movie, which, considering the glacial pace of the anime/manga, sounds just about right.

Also, Undeclared is out on DVD, and worth getting, even though I can't link to it because won't load right now.

I was going to say something else, but I forgot what.

Oh, yeah!

Scary Go Round is switching from Illustrator-drawn strips to hand-drawn strips for the time being.

Only the fact that everybody reads Boing Boing has kept me from blogging about the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode that I watched today on Yahooligans.


Anonymous said...

I saw it, my brother has a "hijacked" version. It was a very good movie, although the translation he had was pretty bad. (subtitles)

lydia said...

I don't read Boing Boing, if that makes you feel better about blogging.

Are you free Saturday afternoon or evening, Kenny?