Thursday, August 11, 2005

Magazine Famousness Update

The new issue of MAD is officially on the stands, with my latest writing credit. I'm one of four contributors to the annual "50 Worst..." feature. This year it's "50 Worst Things About Video Games." About 24 out of the 50 have my mark on them in some way; they were either written by me, or written by me and punched up by someone else. It's hard to come up with 50 gags on one subject--basically it means you need to write at least 100 to choose from--hence the other contributors. This was my first assignment for MAD, as opposed to a submission that they bought.

UPDATE 8/12: Uncredited famousness! Apparently MAD is doing a promotional tie-in with GamePro, so an excerpt from the piece is also in GamePro and at Except that my name isn't on it.

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