Monday, August 15, 2005

The Home Version

Pocari Sweat is a Japanese drink that is pretty well known for its slightly distressing name. Basically it's Gatorade with a mildly sweet, indistinct flavor. I came to enjoy it on hot days, partly due to the flavor, partly due to the psychological value of imagining my precious electrolytes being quickly replenished, and partly because it was fun to drink something with "sweat" in the name. Eventually, I got so used to it, it now takes effort to think of the name as something funny.

Some people seem to think it tastes terrible. Maybe my enjoyment is a little kid thing, like when you think it's hilarious to enjoy something other people find disgusting.

We bought a box of powdered Pocari Sweat at a store in Hiroshima, and I mixed a pitcher of it for the first time today. The mixing ratio was all guesswork, obviously, and I think I ended up with watered-down Pocari. I'll know better next time.


lyan! said...

I always thought it was pretty good tasting. I don't know what that website is complaining about. What, not sweet or carbonated enough? Go back to Mountain Dew. I mean c'mon, semen? please, if semen tasted like pocari sweat, we'd all be gay by now.

Sumana said...

One of my best memories of my Japan trip: a giant bottle of Pocari Sweat, a big old box of Almond Crush Pocky, a Best American Crime Writing compilation, and a long wait for a plane at the Tokyo airport.