Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Check Yourself

Cynthia beat me to pointing it out, as well as to finding out about it, but my comment about BoingBoing's Daily Breeze link regarding a strip club sign has been added to their post. And it's humiliating.

I wasn't sure how to send BoingBoing the feedback you always see on their posts, so I settled for emailing the author of the post, which is apparently the right way to do it. Since I wasn't really sure of that at the time, though, I just dashed off the email without thinking about it much, which means that the now-widely-read paragraph attributed to me contains embarrassing sentences like the following:

As stated in the article, opponents of the sign were going to challenge the sign on the grounds of it being a code-violating vinyl sign and/or on the grounds of infringing on the Toys 'R' Us copyright.

Sigh. A copy editor would have fixed that for me. The moral of the story is if you send things to BoingBoing, read over your writing real quick and make sure you don't sound like an idiot. They may actually post it.


Zack said...

Enough with this self-deprecating bullshit. Post should have read:

"I'm Kenny Byerly, and I'm quoted on boingboing here, and BOOYAH!!"

Kenny said...

I'm Kenny Byerly, and I'm all about the false modesty.