Friday, July 22, 2005

Where Has Your Love Gone

Simpson Fears Acting Criticism

Jessica Simpson fears her new movie The Dukes Of Hazzard will flop because people see her as a singer and not a movie star. The pop sensation is one of a growing number of young stars following in the footsteps of icons like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez who want to conquer all aspects of the entertainment industry. Simpson plays sexy heroine Daisy Duke in the big screen adaptation of the cult series and desperately hopes there will be no critical backlash concerning her acting skills. She says, "I don't want people walking out of a movie thinking I was trying to act or be some movie star. I want them to think, 'That might make me like Jessica a little bit more.'"

So she's afraid that people will see her as a singer and not an actress, but she doesn't want people to think she was really trying to act?

I'm not following.

Maybe it's just bad paraphrasing. I won't say any more. It's not really necessary.

Except, perish the thought that people would see a movie you acted in and come away thinking you were "trying to act." The best you can hope for is that it will make them like you as a person. That is the important thing. Not the role, heavens no, please don't allow your performance to serve the character or the movie. For it is all about you, precious little Jessica, and how much we like you.

Fear not, Jessica. If the universe has any kindness in it at all, no one will ever see you as a legitimate actress. Sleep tight, child.

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matt said...

This morning on the exercise bike I was thinking, hey, celebrities see themselves as American royalty, so wouldn't it be funny if Americans rose up against celebrities all French Revolution style and beheaded all of them?