Monday, July 04, 2005

Upcoming Cinema

Amazingly, The Transporter, a brilliantly stupid action movie that delivered where it counts, has gotten itself a sequel, complete with a hot girl assassin. The likable Jason Statham returns in the title role, as does Louis Leterrier, the director of the first movie. Unfortunately, fight choreographer Corey Yuen, the co-director of the first, supposedly responsible for the action sequences, is absent this time around. On one hand, the excellent action scenes were the only reason to watch the original. The story scenes, especially with Shu Qi struggling with her English and the horribly lame love music, were awful. But supposedly Corey Yuen really didn't have as much to do with directing the movie as the credits would have you believe, and if Leterrier can deliver action on par with the first I'm prepared to forgive lousy drama.

The first one didn’t make much of a mark here, but Luc Besson’s involvement must have been enough to make it a hit overseas. When are we going to start hearing about the sequel here? All we get so far is the French trailer, but fortunately all the dialogue is in English. I’ll go ahead and look forward to this one. I was not disappointed the first time around.

And here is the trailer for Mirrormask, the Neil Gaiman-Dave McKean collaboration that premiered at Sundance. One person I talked to there didn’t care for it, but I can’t remember who is was so I don’t know if their opinion is worth anything. So who knows if it’s a good movie, but the trailer is worth checking out for the trademark McKean visuals.

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