Friday, July 01, 2005

Printer, R.I.P.

So I'm printing up the last bits that need to go into my Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship Application, and right after the second to last document, the printer starts making a knocking noise and the print cartridge ceases to move. I do a search for my printer problem and get this helpful result. Apparently my printer is a piece of junk.

So I go to Stephanie's printer, which instantly runs out of ink. And I have to go out and buy more. And that's how things go when you're printing things out the day of a deadline.

On the upside, based on that page of printer gripes, my printer lasted much longer than many identical printers belonging to less fortunate people. The HP Deskjet 3820 is known for dying at the first change of an ink cartridge. I've changed mine many times. It's been almost three years. I guess nowadays that's considered a good run for a printer.

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