Friday, July 15, 2005

Labor of Love (Bug)

Someone on the Herbie message boards (where else?) has posted these clips from a Super 8 Herbie movie he shot as a kid, 35 years ago. Pretty impressive, in a kid sort of way. One of the cars he uses is very similar to one that I had.

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lyan! said...

This is really cool.

I have no desire to see any part of a Herbie movie (present mostly, but past... only if I saw it on flipping through the channels)
But this, Man, I could totally watch this much more often.

And, to make everything better, it looks so wonderful! But maybe that's why I'm watching it, versus for content's sake.

And Kenny, I never really thought anything of your... fetish for Herbie until I saw that first art piece where you drew Herbie... man oh man, you got a problem. I think they have meetings for that kinda stuff...
I'll probably be across the halls at the meeting for people who use "..." too much. What is the technical term for that anyway?