Friday, July 01, 2005

If You Want to Increase the Hits You Get When Googling Yourself

...write a piece with the word "thong" in the title and sign your name to it. Someone on a message board posted my thong piece. I wish I could figure out what people are saying about it but many of these posts appear to be written in a foreign language.

One person writes, "The days of showing panty lines in a very sexy dress has gone. God bless the soul who invented thongs." Yes, thank goodness we are in the days of visible thong lines instead of visible panty lines. What an advantageous trade-off. Truly this is paradise on earth.

But the next reply is:

"Girlllllllllllll tell me about it. And me na bother pon da article dey cause fu me batty could deal wid it and its not jiggly."

Anyone want to venture a guess on what this means?

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cyshas said...

Hmmm....I don't like thongs or panty lines, if the dress isn't sheer I think you just go commando. Actually there's a cute pair of pants that I want to wear for July 4th, but they're it needs a v-string. *_* But there'll be lots of walking that day, so it might be painful. Ah well what's worse: a thong or heeled sandals. I don't think I could ever deal with both together.