Monday, July 04, 2005

Holiday Traffic

The Fourth of July is awesome.

I had a great first half of the day meeting the gang at Anime-Expo and distributing the Japan gifts, but I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about driving. The drive to and from Anaheim was flawless, traffic-wise (the only snag was in Torrance where a major streetlight was out). But the freeways stayed clear--even the 405. Later, I was on the 10, and it was like flying. Like a dream, like another city. I had a startling realization: This is what freeways were supposed to be like.

Once, many years ago, men had utopian visions of cruising speedily down a wide expressway with exactly the right amount of cars on it; that is, enough cars to make it worthwhile and few enough for anyone to drive as fast as the law would allow (or better yet, 10 mph over that).

Ladies and gentlemen, I lived that magnificent vision today. For whatever reason, July Fourth has the power to keep the denizens of Los Angeles in their homes for the better part of the day, and those not at home have mercifully evacuated the metropolis.

I know these same factors mean that those of you traveling long distances even as I type these words will be having a tough time of it. But know that for a blessed, fortunate few, the source of your suffering is a source of bliss.

Today, it was another world; one in which the roads were exactly up to the traffic burden placed upon them. Who knew such a thing was possible? Who could conceive of what such a thing, in Los Angeles, would even look like? Yet for one day, one magical day, Los Angeles was an alternate reality.

And it was ecstasy.

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