Thursday, July 28, 2005

From Berlin With Love

Here are a couple of links from the blog of Eric Berlin, which I read occasionally, ever since bookmarking it a long time ago, back before I was too jaded to ever consider bookmarking a random blog just because I found something interesting on it once. Apparently he occasionally makes crossword puzzles, professionally.

Anyway. Anamorphic street art. It looks 3-D if you view it from the correct angle. Cool, I guess, but I wish there were more pictures from alternate angles. You really need both to appreciate it properly. They only offer an alternate angle for the last picture, and if you look closely at the surrounding sidewalk, well--it's not the same artwork. It's the same picture, drawn someplace else. That just spoils the comparison and makes me wonder if I'm being fooled.

Poorly translated Star Wars. Remember that one movie that came out earlier this summer? A lot of people made some kind of big deal about it or something. What was it called? I don't remember. Here is a bad English-to-Chinese-to-English translation from some Chinese bootleg, and it's pretty funny. The joke about the dialogue being better than Lucas's has already been made, but feel free to make it again. Because it's true.


Zack said...

I really like the "Do not want"

Meli said...

The translations made me cry, I was laughing so hard. And that's no joke!

matt said...

I'm curious to know where "elephant" comes from. Is "Anakin" close to the Chinese word for "elephant"?