Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cooter's Got A Point

The original Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard TV show has come out against all the weirdly out-of-place sexual stuff in the new movie, and the general response seems to be dismissive and mocking.

I think he's right. Yeah, you always end up sounding lame when you take a stand for clean family entertainment, but this isn't about red-state vs. blue-state values or whether all movies ought to be sanitized; this is about the Dukes in particular. And the fact is that leering at towel-clad sorority girls and innuendoes about chaste whore Jessica Simpson's undercarriage are not what that show was supposed to be about. It's the wrong spirit.

We have plenty of other movies where we can throw in gratuitous hot chicks to give us boners while we're not laughing at unfunny sex jokes. Dukes was always a stupid show, but there's something to be said for wholesome stupidity, and putting this stuff in makes it feel weird and dirty in a way that a straight-up teen sex comedy isn't. To borrow a line from Billy Bob Thornton in the new Bad News Bears trailer, it's like kissing your sister.


C said...

Awww, cars are cool and girls have cooties!

I think the problem is that the movie is dismissive and mocking to show. They didn't remake it because it was GOOD, they did it because it wasn't. And if you believe that the old show was good, or refuse to believe you were part of a joke, that's your problem.

Tammy said...

"it's like kissing your sister."