Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Coming Soon, Part II

It's proving difficult to find an actual convenient time for Stephanie and myself to visit the Oakland area. (Apparently checking out Sarah's pad is out, but that would have been even harder.)

Right now it looks like the most feasible thing would be for Stephanie and I to come straight to Oakland on our drive up and perhaps have a late lunch, and then Stephanie can go on to Sacramento from there. Because she needs to get home on Saturday, and it doesn't make sense for her to do that and then come back.

If people are free mid-day Monday before our drive back, that might work well for us. However, I doubt that will be a convenient time for normal people.

I will keep you posted as the situation develops.


lydia said...

Saturday afternoon is fine for us.

Meli said...

I'm imagining that Matt, if he could see this post and wasn't holed up in the Oakland Marriott, would say something like "Hope to see you! Saturday works for us too, but we could work something out for Sunday. We leave at 5:45am on Monday for Hawaii, so that's out as far as we're concerned." Something like that.

matt said...

Yes, except not so much with the exclamation point.