Wednesday, June 08, 2005

P-Town Pride

I usually don't blog stuff from Boing Boing. But this is about a couple of girls from Livermore and the "experment" they did in Pleasanton, and so it resonates with me.

So these two preppy girls, one of them dresses up all goth, and they try to get job applications at Abercrombie & Fitch and Hot Topic. In Pleasanton, which means Stoneridge Mall. The verdict: Abercrombie spurns the goth and drools over the prep. Hot Topic is polite but indifferent to the prep. Presumably they are nicer to the fake goth.

Also, people in general are meaner to the fake goth, pulling their baby carriages away and suchlike. Such prejudice convinces the experimenter not to pretend to be a goth in the future. Too bad. If you check out the pictures, she's much better looking as a goth. Even the poll sidebar supports the fact that Goth Shannon is superior. Besides, she already bought all those clothes for the experiment. I wonder if the people at Hot Topic recognized her wearing the entire outfit she'd bought a few days before?

The moral of the story is that it's important what you look like, especially when it comes to job searching and baby-petting. These girls have a bright future as scientists who do those expensive studies to prove that common-sense things are true.


C said...

1. She's hardly goth. Certainly not goth enough to snatch babies out of her way
2. I wouldn't give the time of day to someone applying to my store with a bare midriff. it's horribly unprofessional and likely to involve some kind of sexual harassment problem.
3. do goths wear short shirts like that? I always thought they wore lots and lots of clothes.
4. people who work retail are bitches. do you think they like their job? do you expect them to be nice? ever?

Sarah said...

Wow. What a revelation. I guess I should stop wearing my torn black fishnets, black PVC dresses, and heavily caked-on black eyeliner/lipstick to work.

Yeah, your last sentence is dead-on.

Ugh, P-town. No wonder my family is running away from you.

matt said...

Some other hypotheses these girls might want to test out:

Rubbing acid on your skin hurts. Rubbing baby oil on your skin feels nice.

Eating a lot leads to weight gain. Eating very little leads to weight loss.

Driving your car into a brick wall will result in damage to your car.

Cutting a piece of paper in half will produce two pieces of paper that are each half the size of the original.

Meli said...

Some things that are common sense do need scientific confirmation for the principles to be applied. For Example:

At my clinic clients who breathalyze positive will often use the "mouthwash excuse." Now, fortunately for us, researchers* have studied precisely how long the effects of the alcohol in mouthwash last, and how long after rinsing the residual alcohol will affect breathalyzation results. Just as common sense would dictate, using the "mouthwash excuse" is ridiculous, given the tiny amount of time the alcohol would remain in your system. Nevertheles, without scientific confirmation, I could call bullshit on my clients!

*(Modell, J. & Taylor, J. [2003]. Breath alcohol values following mouthwash use. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, v. 270(24), pp.2955-2957.)

Meli said...

Allow me to revise that citation:

Modell, J. & Taylor, J. [1993]. Breath alcohol values following mouthwash use. JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, v. 270(24), pp.2955-2957.