Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hour is Nigh...

Herbie: Fully Loaded opens in less than two weeks, on June 22. At Disney's El Capitan theater in Hollywood, they do live stage shows before their movies, and for this one they've worked up some show that includes Herbie. So naturally, that's where I'll have to see it first. I would have bought my advance tickets already, except that the El Capitan website is acting up and won't complete the transaction.

I'll be going to the 10:00 AM show on June 22, the opening day. (If anyone else wants to jump on board, there are still a little over 60 general admission tickets left for that show.) Not only does this ensure that I'll see it at the earliest showing possible, it's actually necessary in order for Stephanie to see the movie with me. Her new copy-editing job at the Daily Breeze runs an afternoon/evening shift, so we have to hit a morning show or else wait for her next off day, which isn't until the following Monday. No way I could wait that long. I'd have to see the movie in an ordinary theater without her, and then go the El Capitan with her for a repeat viewing, which would be less fun and I wouldn't be able to share my excitement with her.

If you want to see Herbie with me (and why wouldn't you?) but you can't make it in the middle of the day, I expect to go see this more than once unless it is really unbearably abysmal, so let me know and maybe we can go together for my second or third time. Not at the El Capitan, though.

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C said...

i wanted to be part of the festivities. but, as much as I like Disney movies, I can't really justify taking a day off work to see one.

At least I'm not missing out on tea with Herbie, and the disney princesses.