Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hi Mom

So I told my mom about my blog because I wanted her to see my Herbie picture, and then she saw the Jury Duty posts, and read them, and realized there was a place where she could regularly read my writing and stay caught up on my life, which is a dream come true for anyone, but especially for her. So supposedly she checks this blog all the time now, which shouldn't really affect what I write, but it does have a subtle psychological effect that makes me second-guess everything.



Meli said...

I have to admit that that's the reason I haven't told my mom about my blog-- that and the fact that, on occasion, she is the topic of a post!

Sarah said...

My mom reads not only my blog, but the blogs of all my friends. She's a double-threat. And she's just going to love those AX pictures, Kenny. I can just hear her now... oh, well.