Friday, June 10, 2005

Herbie Clips

More and more Herbie clips are popping up online. Yahoo! Movies has a great clip of the demolition derby scene, along with a Matt Dillon scene, both of which are introduced by Lindsay Lohan v4.0 (blonde, scary version). The clip of the demolition derby feels shortened, as it skips around too much to be the exact scene from the movie. But it still brought a tear to my eye watching Herbie in action.

Moviefone has some excellent clips as well. There's a four-minute featurette that offers a good overview of the story, along with plenty of new footage, that you can view in Quicktime or the AOL/Moviefone format, which will probably force you to download a plugin of some kind. If you are willing to download whatever secret AOL software plugin I just foolishly allowed onto my computer, you can also watch another clip from the movie, or Lindsay Lohan 4.0's Britney Spears impression in her Herbie tie-in music video, "First."

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