Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back to "The Future"

The Onion goes oddly high-concept this week. Anyone still read it? They're doing a "future version" where this week's issue is from the future, and all the jokes are on how things are in the future or how The Onion will be in the future. Not a bad conceit, but certainly a well-worn one. But it's especially surprising because, Our Dumb Century aside, jokey/gimmicky conceits like this are not what The Onion is known for. Could this be a sign, even an admission, that they realize their format is stale?

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Anonymous said...

The print edition is now available for free via kiosk in SF, so my interest in it has been rekindled. I don't really read it online, but I do pick up the print edition and bring it home. People who don't use computers at work or are otherwise Internet-ignorant still seem to enjoy it quite a bit.