Monday, May 23, 2005


Just to let you know, we are keeping an eye out for the Yakitate bread but whoever said it is sold in convenience stores is full of it. At any rate, it's not widely available in convenience stores. We hit 7-Eleven and am/pm regularly, and we tried a Circle K, too.

Stephanie made it through our night out two days ago. She was even pressured into having a beer and playing pool. In the past she's always sat out pool, so this was a big deal. She turned out to be good at it (as long as someone told her which ball to aim for), as she apparently has a talent for games that involve rolling balls at things. Unfortunately, afterwards, her voice was hoarse from all the drinking and talking and cigarette smoke in the air. Again, like Lindsay Lohan.

In the morning it was still hoarse and even a little sexy, but the more she talked the worse it got. By last night she was reduced to whispering and gesturing, which is still where she's at. Last night we met her friends for dinner again. It was really fun, but staying out late in the cold has not been good for us. We really need to work on not being sick.

The first night we also met Phil, an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in like eight years. Actually he's the brother of one of my friends from middle and high school. So that was cool, too.

Shibuya is really neat at night. We went to a department store there yesterday called Shibuya 109 or something, where they have all the insane clothes the Japanese girls wear. I was wrong about it all being ordinary. This shop is where it got intense. Floor after floor of brightly colored weird stuff.

There was one store that had these sort of samurai-influenced fashions, like jackets with pieces that looked like armor. That was the best one.

I have to go now. Stephanie is hovering over me and we are wasting our day.

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Sarah said...

I've read that the Yakitate bread is available at a store called Lawson. If I'm remembering your itinerary right, Lawson stores should be more plentiful in the area you're going to next.