Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sayonara, Tokyo!

We're leaving Tokyo tomorrow, but we'll be back twice before we leave Japan. No telling if there will be Internet access as convenient or as free as the access here at the ryokan, so I don't know if the blogging will continue. We still need to see Tokyo Tower, so we'll do that when we stop back in town on Thursday.

Random stories:

A few days ago, when I was out buying some water, I stopped at a DVD store around the corner. We'd passed the store several times, and I was curious and wanted to go look at Japanese DVDs, even though they would be region 2 and I wouldn't be able to buy them. Since I was out on my own, I decided to stop for a minute and browse. But only the first shelves at the front of the store had the mainstream films advertised in the window. As soon as I went around the first shelf, I found myself surrounded by Japanese pornography. This section was much bigger than the regular section at the front of the store. This seemed to be a surprisingly prominent adult section. The store also had a second floor. I figured, well, I've already seen the porn section, so let's see what they keep on the second floor. Answer: More porn. Also, a bit surprisingly, the downstairs section stocked a selection of big vibrators, one of which was named "Hero." That must be a good one. This is for the porn consumer who also has an actual woman at his disposal. Also, when I was downstairs, I accidentally looked at the back of some of the packages and some of them were all-region, so they would play in America. So if anyone is interested in some authentic Japanese porn, let me know before I leave tomorrow.

On the way back from Shibuya the other night we sat across from a creepy woman who looked like either a facelift victim or a transvestite. Perhaps both. In any case, she had a weird dreamy smile on her face that didn't go away for the whole half hour we sat across from her on the train. It's very creepy when someone won't stop smiling. But she kept looking at her phone and kept that same faint grin.

There was also a guy on the train that night going to town picking his nose. He was shoving in not only his forefinger, but his thumb, as though to actually grasp each booger rather than merely prying it out with a single fingernail. This may not have been the best method. In any case, it must not have been the fastest, because he was at it for a good long while. According to TimeOut Tokyo, it's considered rude to blow your nose in public. This can be a real pain when fighting a cold or allergies. We've taken great pains to only blow when absolutely necessary, dabbing at a running nose that badly needs an actual blow, out of consideration for this country's social customs. And yet it's acceptable to set about excavating your nose with two fingers while sitting on a train? Come on!

Stephanie Health Update

Stephanie is still whispering. She can talk a little but it's still very hoarse so she probably shouldn't. She's getting around fine, though.

Shopping Update

We were having trouble finding anime merchandise in Tokyo, which sounds retarded, like not being able to find your ass with both hands. How is it possible to have difficulty finding anime stuff in Tokyo, right? But despite what you'd expect, it's actually not everywhere. We finally found some anime-related shops today, in Akhihabara, with all the duty-free electronics shops. I don't know why those things go together, but they do. Ample supplies of the ample-bosomed sexy character figurines in impossibly exploitative poses. We didn't get any of those, so I'm guessing you guys didn't want any. If I was wrong, you can pick up the slack at Anime Expo. Also, still no luck with Yakitate or Tsubasa Chronicles merchandise, though we did look. There's a show called Bleach that seems to be everywhere.


We dined at the Ninja restaurant tonight. Expensive, small, but tasty portions of food. As promised, you're led through corridors by a ninja guy who jumps around and yells out things to lower a little drawbridge, and the restaurant is a secret ninja village. Also, the ninja waitress burns your "secret" dessert menu after you use it. The regular menu is on a scroll, which they don't burn. While we waited for our check, another ninja came by to show us his ninja magic, which consisted of coin and card tricks. He left me with a card he'd torn up, which turned out to be merely folded when I opened my hand! Seldom do ninjas use their magic powers for coin and card manipulation, but I was glad he had. The ninja waitress walked us out when we were done and then swept open a scroll that read "Come again!" Also, Steven Spielberg was at Ninja in January of last year, and signed the wall.


There was a kid's show today with S Man, a superhero in a yellow unitard, fighting a guy in a mushroom costume who tricked S Man into eating a mushroom that made him shrink. But then S man got a mushroom that made him grow and beat him. Also, they were fighting in a gym full of apparently real mentally and/or physically challenged kids, who looked a bit frightened when the mushroom guy was faux-terrorizing them before S Man arrived. Later S Man and some other character helped the handicapped kids have fun tearing up newspapers.

Yesterday there was a TV show with a big white guy speaking English.


C said...

thanks for trying. I guess I'll survive without anime themed baked goods. I'll just buy some hello kitty pocky from the 98 cent store or something. I'm glad you're managing to have fun adventures even though you're not quite well.

cyshas said...

Thanks for the offer Kenny, I'd say yes to the porn, but all Japanese porn is censored anyway. Hmmm...guess you missed Ikebukuro. There's a 7 story Animate store and a smaller 2 floor used anime store called K-books right next to it. The whole area is just for shopping anyway. Have a safe trip home!

lydia said...

I really like how you "accidentally" looked at the back of the porn DVDs.

Zack and I are both addicted to Bleach, and I think it's really up your alley, Kenny. If you have a chance to get a me a cool Bleach shirt (me-sized, preferably) before you leave, I would gladly repay you. Oh, and if you see loose-socks or official Yakitate! bread.

Gambare, Stephanie! Fight that cold!

lyan! said...

Japan is Japan.