Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Name-a-rama-thon Part Two

Thanks for the wealth of input regarding the name—an issue on which everyone can be an expert. Some background, which I omitted before to avoid poisoning the well: Stephanie’s brother-in-law, the baby’s father, is somehow genetically predisposed to cling stubbornly to the worst names imaginable. He agreed to name his son Liam only after months of debate forced him to relent on naming the child “Ulysses,” which he insisted on pronouncing “ulyssus.” In this light, “Liam” is a major triumph (though Liam’s middle name is Ulysses).

This time he’s hung up on some form of “Addy,” and the family is desperately trying to convince him otherwise. So this was kind of a secret way of gathering outside ammunition in case it became necessary.

While no one thinks much of either Adelaide or Addison, For some strange reason, the Woo girls, including Stephanie and Lynette, the baby’s mother, seem to consider Addison the lesser of the two evils. I’m not sure why. I know the reasoning is that Adelaide has a strong antiquated feel that makes it sound like an old lady name. There’s the feeling that naming a girl Adelaide would cause her to skip puberty and instantly become an eighty-year-old, horn-rimmed, silver-wigged librarian (no offense, Cynth). I disagree. Sure, Adelaide is an old-lady name, but when I picture an Adelaide, I picture an old lady who, in the 1890’s anyway, was as spry and fun-loving as any. Always bright, gay, and full of pep, she’d never say no to a hay ride down to the soda fountain for an ice-cold phosphate. On the downside, the name appears to make me write like Dave Duman.

Still, considering how outright dumb Addison sounds, Adelaide could grow on me. At least it’s, you know, a name. If I were to meet Addison one day, I would tell her, “Your mother meant to name you Allison, but she had a stuffy nose that week.”

If she were called Addy, I’d do the same joke, but say the name was supposed to be Annie.

So Lynette was almost set to compromise on Addy as long as it was Addison-derived, not Adelaide-derived. Now I hear they may be off the Addys, and on to a different name entirely, possibly Phoebe or Zoe, which were original favorites dismissed for being too trendy.

On the matter of Cordelia Madison Fornaca:

At first I thought the same as Sarah (“No”), but by the third or fourth time I read it, it approached the level of “so bad it’s good.” What a name! Can you imagine? “Hello, I’m Cordelia Madison Fornaca.” POW! It’s like a brick in the face! A heroine of Victorian literature and a Civil War officer all rolled into one!

And it preserves the Fornaca tradition of middle names being cities.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to criticize me, my sisters and my mother for prefering Addison to Adelaide, you could at least spell my sister's name right. I've told you on numerous occasions that the infamous Woo girls spell their names with two n's. You'd think a bright one like you would remember. Also, Addie would be spelled with an "ie."

lyan! said...

My friend's wife is named Addie. I forget exactly what hers is short for, but she's rad. And for her, at least, it works.

Zack said...

The difference between Houston and Madison is that Houston is a family name. If you, Kenny Byerly, who does not have the blood of the illustrious Houstons running through his veins, gave your son or daugther Houston as a middle name, that would be as silly as me giving my child the middle name Madison.

Also, Stephanie, please more comments like this. First rate! All we ever get here is Kenny's side of things, naturally.

Finally, seriosuly, there's a huge difference between Addy and Addie (Addie being superior).

Okay, keep fighting.

lydia said...

hmm. I'm not crazy about Addy, but it's preferable to Addie.

anyway, here's a bit of an e-mail Zack's mom sent to me awhile back, regarding Cordelia Madison Fornaca as a possible name:

Well, considering he has the lumpy name of Zachary Houston Fornaca, he's got no right to argue against ANYTHING... And, just in case you need help, the female names in the family are all normal, but the men have included:

Lusker Woodrow Cooper
Eldon Blaine Houston
Olaf Rognaldson Nestos
Vernon Herman Leisinger (Steve's grandfather) Always called "Jack" - you can understand that.
Roland Louis Fornaca
Primo (Steve's other grandfather) and his brother Aldo Segundo Fornaca.

cyshas said...

Well, if they're stuck on the Addie short. There's definitely other name that can be considered like Adele, Adeline, Adelpha, Adara, etc...

Anonymous said...

I'm weighing in late, but I want to say that Adelaide is prefereable to Addison but still intolerable. I feel like she would constantly be correcting people who thought her name was "Madison", or, as Kenny pointed out, "Allison".

Re: Houston. I am of the opinion that middle names are essentially novelty items, so it doesn't really matter. A bad middle name can make a bad first name even worse, but mostly it doesn't matter at all. So, I say, give your child the middle name of a city, or a grandparent, or even "Addison". but for the first name, pick something normal. And spell it correctly, so your child doesn't have to correct strangers all the time about how *her* name has a "y" instead of an "i".