Thursday, May 05, 2005

Missed It By That Much

VH1 has a new reality show called "BSTV" that is pretty much the exact same concept that Dave Duman and I thought up a few years ago when we were pitching ideas to that guy from the Lampoon with the supposed college TV connections. Duman and I called it "Casting Call."

This is one of those things that's aggravating but vindicating. If only we'd had a chance to pitch this, we'd be on our way to being the next Mark Burnett, or Ashton Kutcher.

Meet people willing to flip the switch on a death row inmate live on TV. Meet the men eager to get on TV by moving to a remote island inhabited only with lap dancers, where the guys can look but not touch. Meet the men who have agreed to gain hundreds of extra pounds for the chance to be famous. Can't believe these people exist? Well, believe it, they're all on VH1's new social experiment, "BSTV."

Today, people will do just about anything to become a celebrity and celebrities are willing to endure just about anything to keep their fame. That has been proven no place more than on reality TV. Our nation has been glued to the television cringing as they watch people eat cow brains, lie to their family and friends and embarrass themselves all for a taste of fame. Just when you thought it couldn't go any further and people couldn't stoop any lower, welcome to VH1's new series, "BSTV," the show that tests people's limits to find out just how much "B.S." they'll put themselves through for a spot in the limelight.

Each weekly episode invites real people and celebrities to participate in what they believe to be casting calls and pilot tapings for the latest and hottest new reality shows. What they don't know is that every audition is 100% fake. Each concept is pulled off by our cast of improv actors posing as the show's producers and talent. No matter how much "B.S." is doled out by our cast of accomplices, eager reality show wannabes and celebrities always seem ready to believe any bogus concept for their chance at fame. Celebrities who participated include: Dennis Rodman, Rachel Hunter, Katrina Campins, John Salley, Kimberley Locke, Traci Lords, Erik Estrada, Cindy Margolis, Tara Lipinski and more.

By the way, does anyone know Duman's email? I was going to email him but all I have is his old uclink address.

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