Friday, May 13, 2005

Ladder Day Saint

My dad sent me this email today:

Mom called me over to the house to keep an eye on a couple of chandelier installers while she stepped out. So I go over there and find this scenario. A guy over 20 ft off the floor, standing on the TOP step of a big step ladder, ladder supported by 2 wooden planks which were supported by two metal horses, the whole house of cards being held steady by a big guy with lot of hair.

Just after this picture was taken, the guy on the ladder gets a cell phone call from a customer, digs it out of his pocket and and stands there calmly talking on the phone like he's relaxing in a hot tub.

Later the guy tells me that nothing bothers him since he had a job training chimpanzees and other primates for Hollywood movies, which he found stressful.

...They did a great job installing two light fixtures but it made me very uncomfortable watching it.

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lydia said...

That is really cool. It's like hiring circus performers to do ordinary household jobs!

Zack said...

That's not cool!

Safety is cool!