Friday, May 20, 2005

Blogging From Japan

Japanese keyboards have tons of keys, some of which turn your typing into Japanese, leaving you wondering how to change it back. They also do a pretty good job of hiding the apostrophe, so I will have to write without contractions.

Yesterday we saw Ginza. We ate lunch at a buffet where you cook the meat on a grill in the table. Like the former Hot Pot City in Berkeley, but somehow less retarded. Maybe because I was in Japan, which provided a better answer to the question "Why am I paying a restaurant for food I have to cook myself?" It was pretty good, especially after a not very filling breakfast at Japanese Denny's. (Found the apostrophe. It's shift-7.)

We also went to the Sony building and I saw Aibo the robot dog and PSPs. Those screens are pretty impressive. Stephanie likes Lumines and wants it, somehow. They're not putting that out for PS2, are they? Also I saw the most massive HDTV screen ever. It's rear projection but you can't even tell. Truly awe-inspiring.

We walked around the Imperial Palace because the tour is supposedly lame if you do not speak Japanese, and it was a really long walk. We saw a temple and Stephanie laid down on a bench and leaned her head on me, and a guy dressed in traditional garb told us "This is a holy place." and we felt bad.

There were tons of Japanese schoolchildren wherever we went. Apparently every school in Tokyo had field trips yesterday. One way to break someone of a schoolgirl fetish would be to sit them down and show them some actual schoolgirls. Like anywhere else, most of them are ugly. The high socks only serve to highlight their fat Hilary Duff ankles on these unfortunates.

Today we went to Niko, which is very beautiful and all uphill. We saw some shrines and temples and this shogun's very ostentatious grave, and climbed about a million stairs. Our legs are tired. Weird. For now the apostrophes come when I hit the key where they ought to be, not where they're marked.

We ate at a Japanese burger place called Mos Burger. They have regular-ish burgers, and also a burger in an Asian-bao-style bun, which doesn't really fit, size-wise.

Our ryokan has some very comfortable futons and pillows that seem to be filled with sand. I kind of like them but Stephanie finds them uncomfortable. I do like the cool robes they give us to lounge around in, and I'm a big fan of the woven mats on the floor.

I saw a kids' TV show yesterday where they raced a crab and a turtle pushing a ball through a plastic trough. The crab got a strong start while the turtle just sat there. Then the crab crawled around the ball and left it behind, and the turtle started catching up. Then the crab went back but ended up pushing the ball backward. The crab never got it together again so the turtle won. This made a guy dressed like a caveman very happy. He was rooting for the turtle.

They have cheesecake Pocky here. Stephanie got some today. It's not as good as chocolate Pocky.


lydia said...

more Japan posts, please! I especially like the Turtle vs. Crab Show.

I'm sure there must be *some* cute real-life school girls? Maybe it was just the area you were in...

lyan! said...

I fundamentally agree. Japanese school girls aren't that attractive. The only ones I was able to find attractive, weren't like super-model attractive, or real-life-anime-style attractive, they were instead that uber-nerdy attraction, where the one girl who comes to mind had the coolest glasses -- it was almost jealousy.

Make sure to have okonomi-yaki, it's great.

And I don't know if its on the agenda, but make sure to go to Nara: this is the first capital of japan, it's f'n gorgeous, and there's deer that follow you around wanting food all over the city. AND as if that was all, this is more or less where I'm going to be living (ok about 40km East) but still! take pictures and post them so I can further whet my appetite.

Zack said...

Lumines is PSP only, and will almost certainly stay that way. Sorry. The game is, allegedly, designed to be played with headphones. Immersion! Trance state relaxation! I considered buying the game without a PSP, in case the game gets scarce by the time I finally want a PSP.

Kenny said...

Yeah, Stephanie mentioned that the music in Lumines really sucked her in.