Sunday, April 24, 2005

Boback's Mojo

If this script gets made, I know who will be first in line.

Title: Rizzle Pizzle Sizzle
Log Line: A former Rock, Paper, Scissors champion reunites his ragtag team of misfits to defeat his arch nemesis at the annual RPS tournament.
Writer: Adam Farasati and Ethan Furman
Agent: Mngmnt. firm Magnet Management and atty. Stewart Brookman
Buyer: Gold Circle Films
Price: n/a
Genre: Comedy
Logged: 4/11/05
More: Spec script. This is also their first script. Apartment 3B Productions' Jennifer Klein and Gold Circle Films' Paul Brooks will produce.


lyan! said...

I swear, rock-paper-scissors-mania is sweeping the indie world right now...

matt said...

Good. I was really hoping for another heavy-handed sports movie parody. Why not just do this as an episode of South Park and save us all the aggravation of six months of tedious movie trailers?

Maybe Ben Stiller will be in it! Yay! Ben Stiller!

Anonymous said...

Adam wrote that? He and I were in charge of the eighth-grade paper, during the second semester, with many wacky adventures in censorship and trying to sneak the word "hell" into pieces.

He's a really funny guy, though the extent of his writing that I've really seen was in the form of notes and cartoons, or parodic sketches we'd write for 10th grade drama class, like "Forrest (Speed) Bump", where Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves team up to thwart a legless, terrorist Gary Sinise.