Friday, April 29, 2005

Batman & Herbie

Okay, enough messing around. Let’s get back to what this blog is really about: movie trailers.

First, Batman Begins. While I’m happy that someone is finally making a Batman movie that takes the character seriously, I haven’t actually been too impressed by the trailers so far. Maybe that’s because while seeing Bruce Wayne travel the globe for training is interesting in theory, in reality I don’t give a crap. There’s a reason that stuff was always told in vague flashbacks. I want to see Batman, and I want to see him in Gotham City.

The new trailer finally lets us get to Gotham, and it kicks ass. Tim Burton’s literally gothic Gotham was cool at the time, but it got played out in the comics throughout the nineties. I don’t know what Joel Schumacher’s Gotham was supposed to be, aside from gigantic statues of naked men garnished with tacky neon. But now Christopher Nolan brings us a Gotham that looks like a real city, but more so. It’s real, but extreme. Look at the surreal vastness of the city in the flyover shot, the speeding el train and the moody griminess inside.

The trailer puts maybe too much emphasis on the heavy-duty new car, especially the way it punctuates the ending with yet another shot of it. But perhaps they’re only too proud to show off a Batmobile with some tactical value as opposed to the plastic, neon-accented, open-canopy impracticality on wheels of Batman & Robin.

Michael Caine looks good as the new Alfred, and Morgan Freeman as, I assume, Lucius Fox.

I wasn’t letting myself get too worked up over Batman Begins before. So far it was just a lot of stylish advance posters and Christian Bale talking to Liam Neeson. Now it’s finally starting to reveal itself as a Batman movie, and for the first time, I’m excited about it.

And then there’s Herbie. Maybe some of you would enjoy the trailer more with a Japanese voice-over? It’s worth it just to hear the narrator say the actors’ names in Japanese. The Japanese trailer also puts more emphasis on Herbie’s matchmaking skills and the Lohan/Justin Long love interest subplot, completely ignored in the American trailer. It’s interesting also to compare the Japanese website art to the American art. If the American site had a picture that ridiculous, I’d be hopping mad, but the fact that it’s for Japan makes perfect sense.

*Update: Coincidentally, the day I refer people to the Herbie site for comparisons of the page's appearance, they update the page and change it completely. To see the art that corresponds to the Japanese version, see the Downloads:Wallpaper section of the new website.


lyan! said...

I hated the neon 'overhaul' that batman got after burton dismounted, and Simply seeing a batman that had some darkness returned to it made me excited from the get-go.
I'm all the more excited for this one after watching the trailer, but I really don't like the car. I absolutely dispise the hummer and all that it stands for, and I hate to think of Batman as propigating that.

C said...

I saw the herbie trailer on the big screen (huge!). when did L.L. get so young? It's a movie I may actually go see. I was a bit confused though. does herbie grow a spoiler at some point?

P.S. I haven't followed any links, but I will later, especially if it'll clear up the spoiler question

Kenny said...

Herbie gets tricked out (and un-tricked-out, and tricked-out-again) over the course of the movie. That's when Herbie gets a spoiler.