Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yeah Right

Jamie Foxx follows up his Oscar win with Stealth, a trashy popcorn picture from XXX director Rob Cohen, with a premise so preposterous and absurd you don't buy it for a minute. I'm referring, of course, to the idea that one of the world's top fighter pilots is a woman.

Almost as silly is the plot concerning a revolutionary new computerized self-piloting plane that threatens to replace our pilot heroes until--wait for it--it gets struck by lightning and--wait for it--becomes self-aware and--wait for it--turns against us! Ahh.

Dang it, why do they keep doing that? It's enough to make you not want to build superintelligent machines with deadly capabilities. Almost. The sad part is that you want to laugh but computerized planes, flown remotely if not by unintentionally sentient AI, are real and were probably the inspiration for this thing. Have Hollywood's cautionary tales taught us nothing?


Tommaso Sciortino said...

If you recall, I was working on a unmanned helicopter back in my Irvine days. It couldn't make up it's own destinations, but it could plan it's own flight when given the start and end points. It could even change course midway if something changed.

One of the greatest part about that job was being able to say you worked on a project ordered by Admiral Pointdexter, of Iran-Contra "lying to congress and it's apparently no big deal" fame.

Kenny said...

Tom, you are part of the problem.